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Diggy Dre - The RE-Funk Era (CD)


Image of Diggy Dre - The RE-Funk Era (CD)

Many have been waiting and it is finally here! Diggy Dre's second calbum, The RE-Funk Era, officially released on 4/18/17! This modern-day G-Funk album will talk you back in the day with the sun and G'z, palm trees, and lowriders! This time Diggy Dre has bought along a few guests for the ride including Baby Eazy aka Eazy-E3 (Son of Eazy-E), Iceberg aka Bigg Body, Yung Muusik, and Wanz. This CD is the special edition and contains bonus tracks that will NOT release on iTunes on 4/18/17 when the album releases!

Make sure to leave a note upon checkout or email your transaction number to DiggyDreRecords@Gmail.com to let Diggy Dre know who to autograph it to at no extra charge!

01. Intro
02. The Mothership
03. Save The Day
04. Real G'z (Ft. Baby Eazy-E aka Eazy-E3)
05. It's All Good
06. I Love My Haters Pt.2
07. On The Block (Ft. Iceberg aka Bigg Body)
08. Doin' Me
09. Tha Funk
10. Do U Wanna Ride?
11. Tell Me What Cha Thinkin' (Ft. Yung Muusik)
12. Time To Grow Up (Ft. Wanz)
13. Get Cha Hands Up
14. WestSide
15. Revolution
16. Outro

17. Summer Breeze
18. Tags & Bottles
19. I Had A Dream